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Magazines to Masterpiece Part 1

Learn how to use magazine pages to create your own collage paper using techniques to embellish the pages with paint. Learn ways to use magazine pages to create your composition as well as composing methods. Once you have learned ways to prep and embellish your pages you will see how I used mine to create two beautiful paintings. I will also show you how to mount works on paper onto a canvas. SIGN UP NOW!

Magazines to Masterpiece Part 2

Go into more depth in part 2. Use the magazine collage pages you created in part 1 or if you are diving into part 2 straight away, use pretty colored papers you already have. Learn new techniques for composing, new materials for creating and a bit about composing. Join the fun! SIGN UP NOW!

Foundation to Finish

Learn how different substrates and how you prepare them can affect the finished look of your artwork. At the same time I demonstrate how working on several pieces at the same time can create coherence when interested in creating a series or body of work. Be enchanted with painting beautiful florals with a limited pallet and learn the secrets to mixing your own colors from the primaries. SIGN UP NOW!